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Complete set of all 68 common-2 and uncommon-2 cards from the Star Wars Revised Hoth set by Decipher.

Common-3 Cards

Echo Base Trooper                              Character - Rebel                                Light
Snowtrooper                                    Character - Imperial                             Dark

Common-2 Cards

AT-AT Driver                                   Character - Imperial                             Dark
Cold Feet                                      Interrupt - Used                                 Dark
ComScan Detection                              Interrupt - Used                                 Dark
Echo Trooper Backpack                          Device                                           Light
Fall Back!                                     Interrupt - Lost                                 Light
Frostbite                                      Effect                                           Light
Frostbite                                      Effect                                           Dark
FX-10 (Effex-ten)                              Character - Droid, Medical                       Dark
FX-7 (Effex-Seven)                             Character - Droid, Power                         Light
He Hasn't Come Back Yet                        Interrupt - Lost                                 Dark
Hoth Survival Gear                             Device                                           Light
Hoth: Defensive Perimeter [Dark]               Location                                         Dark
Hoth: Defensive Perimeter [Light]              Location                                         Light
Hoth: Echo Corridor [Light]                    Location                                         Light
Hoth: Echo Docking Bay [Dark]                  Location                                         Dark
Hoth: Echo Docking Bay [Light]                 Location                                         Light
Hoth: Echo Med Lab                             Location                                         Light
Hoth: Ice Plains                               Location                                         Dark
Hoth: North Ridge [Dark]                       Location                                         Dark
Hoth: North Ridge [Light]                      Location                                         Light
Hoth: Snow Trench                              Location                                         Light
I'd Just As Soon Kiss A Wookiee                Interrupt - Lost                                 Dark
Imperial Gunner                                Character - Imperial                             Dark
Infantry Mine [Dark]                           Weapon - Automated                               Dark
Infantry Mine [Light]                          Weapon - Automated                               Light
It Can Wait                                    Interrupt - Lost                                 Light
Nice Of You Guys To Drop By                    Interrupt - Used                                 Light
Oh, Switch Off                                 Interrupt - Used                                 Dark
Ord Mantell [Dark]                             Location                                         Dark
Our First Catch Of The Day                     Interrupt - Used                                 Dark
Perimeter Scan                                 Interrupt - Used                                 Light
Portable Fusion Generator                      Device                                           Dark
Probe Droid                                    Character - Droid, Probe                         Dark
Probe Telemetry                                Interrupt - Used                                 Dark
R2 Sensor Array                                Device                                           Light
R5-M2 (Arfive-Emmtoo)                          Character - Droid, Astromech                     Light
Rogue Gunner                                   Character - Rebel                                Light
Stop Motion                                    Interrupt - Used                                 Dark
Tauntaun                                       Vehicle - Creature                               Light
Tauntaun Handler                               Character - Rebel                                Light
Vehicle Mine [Dark]                            Weapon - Automated                               Dark
Vehicle Mine [Light]                           Weapon - Automated                               Light

Uncommon-2 Cards

Atgar Laser Cannon                             Weapon - Artillery                               Light
Blizzard Walker                                Vehicle - Combat: AT-AT                          Dark
Breached Defenses                              Effect - Immediate                               Dark
Cal Alder                                      Character - Rebel                                Light
Deflector Shield Generators                    Device                                           Dark
Exhaustion                                     Interrupt - Lost                                 Dark
Hoth [Dark]                                    Location                                         Dark
Hoth [Light]                                   Location                                         Light
Hoth: Echo Command Center (War Room) [Dark]    Location                                         Dark
Hoth: Echo Command Center (War Room) [Light]   Location                                         Light
Hoth: Echo Corridor [Dark]                     Location                                         Dark
Hoth: Main Power Generators                    Location                                         Light
Lieutenant Cabbel                              Character - Imperial                             Dark
Medium Transport                               Starship - Capital                               Light
Ord Mantell [Light]                            Location                                         Light
Probe Antennae                                 Device                                           Dark
Probe Droid Laser                              Weapon - Character                               Dark
Romas "Lock" Navander                          Character - Rebel                                Light
Silence Is Golden                              Effect                                           Dark
Snowspeeder                                    Vehicle - Combat: T-47 Snowspeeder               Light
Tamizander Rey                                 Character - Rebel                                Light
That's It, The Rebels Are There!               Interrupt - Used                                 Dark
Walker Sighting                                Interrupt - Lost                                 Light
Wyron Serper                                   Character - Rebel                                Light


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